Orso Activewear – A Shopify Success Story for a Canadian Luxury Activewear Brand [Case Study]

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Client Overview

Company Name: Orso Activewear
Location: Based in Toronto, serving Canada, USA, and beyond
Products: Luxury Activewear


Discover how Shopify Development Pros partnered with Orso Activewear, a Toronto-based luxury activewear brand dedicated to sustainability and inclusivity to design a luxury Shopify website design for their brand. With a commitment to fair practices and quality, Orso’s timeless products offer both style and performance without compromise.
Join us as we delve into the journey of transforming Orso’s online presence, showcasing its dedication to providing the utmost comfort and support for customers across Canada, the USA, and beyond.


Our partnership with Orso Activewear presented several unique challenges that demanded innovative solutions and strategic thinking.
  1. Luxury Design Feel: Orso desired a website that exuded luxury and sophistication, reflecting the high-quality nature of their activewear products. This required attention to detail in design elements and user experience to create a visually stunning and immersive online environment.
  2. Tight Turnaround Time: With a pressing need to launch the new website swiftly, we faced the challenge of delivering a fully functional and polished platform within a condensed timeframe. This necessitated streamlined processes and efficient project management to meet the client’s expectations without compromising on quality.
  3. Competition with Established Brands: Orso aimed to establish itself as a prominent player in the luxury activewear market, necessitating a website that could compete with or surpass the established brands in its niche. This required a strategic approach to design and branding to ensure Orso’s online presence stood out and captured the attention of its target audience.
  4. Limited Budget: Operating within a limited budget posed a significant challenge in achieving the desired level of design sophistication and functionality. We needed to carefully prioritize features and allocate resources judiciously to ensure maximum impact within budget constraints.
Despite these challenges, our team at Shopify Development Pros embraced the opportunity to innovate and deliver a solution that exceeded Orso’s expectations, ultimately setting the stage for their continued success in the competitive activewear industry.

What We Did?

To address the challenges faced by Orso Activewear, Shopify Development Pros devised a comprehensive solution that encompassed custom design, enhanced functionality, and strategic integrations to elevate their online presence and meet their business objectives.

Project Highlights

1. Custom Luxury Design and Mobile Responsiveness

Utilizing a pre-existing Shopify theme as a foundation, our team meticulously crafted bespoke design elements to infuse Orso’s website with an air of luxury and sophistication. From refined typography to elegant imagery, every detail was tailored to elevate the brand’s image and set it apart from competitors in the activewear industry
Home page
Custom Collection Page Design
To enhance user experience and facilitate seamless navigation, we developed a custom collection page design with intuitive sorting and filtering options. This bespoke solution was crafted for scalability, allowing Orso to effortlessly expand their product offerings and adapt to evolving customer preferences.
Products page
Our team implemented bespoke product pages with dynamic features such as color, size, and inseam length options ensuring customers can order the product with accuracy and minimize returns. Additionally, we prominently featured the student discount feature to incentivize student engagement and foster brand loyalty among this demographic.

2. Student Discount

To streamline the application of student discounts, we integrated real-time validation functionality for student IDs. This seamless process ensured accurate discount application at checkout, enhancing the overall shopping experience for students.
Promoting discounts for students on the product page
Validating student ID with the school/university email ID

3. Multi-Currency Support

To accommodate Orso’s international customer base, we implemented multi-currency support with dynamic price updates in USD and CAD. This feature enabled customers to view product prices in their local currency, fostering transparency and reducing friction in the purchasing process.
Currency switching option
Price in USD
Prices in CAD

4. Payment Options

Recognizing the importance of flexibility in payment options, we integrated multiple payment gateways, including Shopify Pay, Google Pay, Apple Pay, and Klarna’s buy-now-pay-later feature. This diverse range of payment methods catered to varying customer preferences and increased conversion rates.

5. Newsletter Integration

We seamlessly integrated newsletter functionality to facilitate customer engagement and nurture long-term relationships. Also, we implemented a 10% discount for the first order feature encouraging sign-up by the users. This enabled Orso to grow its mailing list and execute targeted email marketing campaigns to drive sales and promote brand awareness.

6. Return Management

Recognizing the importance of a streamlined return process in building trust and confidence among customers, we implemented a robust return management (RMA) system. This system provided customers with a hassle-free returns experience, enhancing satisfaction and loyalty.

7. Social Responsibility Highlighting

Orso is a socially responsible brand. Throughout the website, we strategically highlighted Orso’s commitment to social responsibility and sustainability. From showcasing their use of recycled materials to highlighting partnerships with eco-conscious organizations, we emphasized Orso’s dedication to making a positive impact on both the environment and society.

8. Instagram Integration

Today, social media is an integral part of any brand and Orso uses Instagram to engage users on social media platforms. We seamlessly integrated Orso’s Instagram feed into the website, allowing dynamic and engaging content to be showcased directly on the platform. This integration helped to further enhance brand visibility, foster community engagement, and drive traffic to the website from social media channels.

Achieved Results: Elevating Orso Activewear's Online Presence

After launching our brand-new Shopify website for Orso Activewear, the impact of our tailored solutions was immediately evident, marking the beginning of an exciting journey towards digital success. Here’s a snapshot of the initial results we achieved:
  1. Unveiled Online Presence: With our strategic approach to design and functionality, Orso Activewear’s website received a warm welcome from online audiences, marking a significant milestone in establishing its brand presence in the digital realm.
  2. Early Engagement Metrics: Despite being in its infancy, Orso’s website witnessed promising signs of engagement, indicating a positive reception from visitors. These early interactions laid the foundation for future growth and customer acquisition.
  3. Emerging Brand Recognition: Through thorough attention to detail and seamless integration of social media elements, Orso Activewear began to carve out its identity in the competitive activewear market, garnering attention, and recognition from potential customers.
  4. Positive Initial Feedback: Initial feedback from early visitors and customers echoed sentiments of satisfaction with the website’s user experience and design aesthetics. This early validation served as an encouraging sign of things to come for Orso Activewear.
Ready to elevate your online presence and achieve unparalleled success like Orso Activewear? Partner with Shopify Development Pros today and unlock the full potential of your e-commerce venture. Our team of experts is committed to delivering tailor-made solutions that align with your business goals, enhance user experience, and drive tangible results.
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