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At Shopify Development Pros, we were honored to partner with Fence Armor, the leading Fence Supplies company in Canada and the USA. With a commitment to enhancing their online presence and customer experience, we undertook a Shopify store redesign project that would not only boost site performance but also elevate their industry dominance.
Project Highlights

Fence Armor’s success demanded a website that matched its industry leadership. The Arete Soft Labs team embarked on a journey to optimize site speed and conversion rates through a Shopify store redesign. To reflect Fence Armor’s brand identity and commitment to excellence, our team crafted a bespoke design that exuded professionalism and trustworthiness, setting the stage for an outstanding customer journey.

Fence Armor now boasts a high-performance Shopify store that not only accelerates site speed and conversions but also elevates its industry position. With custom design, responsive capabilities, ongoing SEO efforts, and a custom calculator, Fence Armor is well-equipped to continue its journey as the leading Fence Supplies company in Canada and the USA.

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Project Key Features

  • Shopify Website Redesign
  • Conversion and Speed Optimization
  • Shopify Website Maintenance
  • eCommerce SEO & Digital Marketing Services
  • Custom Mega Menu
  • Integration with Amazon
  • Custom Shopify App Development
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